Salute to Band Members

We would like to highlight, acknowledge and remember members of the Orlando Concert Band. OCB is comprised of an amazing group of talented musicians who often lend their talents to other bands and musical groups. We would like to recognize them, as well as remember any members who can only be with us in spirit.

OCB Members Joined the Southern Winds

November 15 at the Stetson University School of Music

Broadcast live streaming video on Ustream

In Memoriam…

We are saddened by the unexpected loss of trombonist David Mitchell. A memorial concert in his memory was held Tuesday, November 5, 2013. David was a member of three area music organizations. The memorial concert brought together all three organizations to preform individually and collectively. Twenty-seven members of the OCB family played in the concert.  It was a beautiful evening of music and celebration and remembrance of David’s life and all that he had to give. A touching moment of the evening was when David’s wife described their first meeting- a blind date 40 years ago in college, and she almost ran the other way when he showed up in his stage band attire of white sweater turtleneck and red suede pants.

He will be greatly missed.

Orlando Concert Band


In Memoriam…

Bugler, OCB Trumpet Player John Murphy, US Army Retired – 1954-2013

John Murphy was a ten-year member of the Orlando Concert Band.  He served as trumpet section leader and primary bugler for our patriotic performances.

OCB in memoriam...

As state director of “Bugles Across America”, John “birthed” dozens of Central Florida buglers. As a performing bugler, he was an awesome role model, and his legacy of dignified, caring “Taps” performances will never die. 

For many years John coordinated “Echo Taps” at the Orlando Concert Band’s Memorial Day and Veterans’ Day performances.  He would always “kick it off”.  His  echo trumpet accompanists knew that John’s lead on “Taps” would be solid and strong.  That made us want to measure up to the high quality of his beautiful lead notes.

OCB in memoriam...



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